Thursday, March 7, 2013

Young Living Oils

Do you use oils?
I have been using Young Living Oils for about 10 years, and have been happy with them.
Thieves is probably our favorite, as long as we are faithful using it when we go out we don't usually pick up all the sicknesses!
Lavender is another one my daughter and I use for our headaches, also M-Grain!
we use these topically and defuse them! Thieves is ok to ingest! can be used for a toothache!!
just put in an order for Lemon oil!
I am trying a different oil each month this year for an oil challenge!
Last month was Joy oil, which we didn't really like the smell when we got it, we never did get to loving it like everyone else seemed to in the challenge.
This month is Lemon oil, we haven't received ours yet so we will see what we think of it!!!
I'm learning alot about the different oils and their uses!!