Friday, December 6, 2013

Essential Oil Diffusers!!

                                  Trying to find the best diffuser that is also affordable!!

I have one of these and I like it but we lost the adapter!  And I also want one in each room!
I have some smaller ones like these that do not work as well, so I am looking for something that works well and is affordable!
This one cost about $10. when I bought it now its $181. I'm not sure I would buy it again at $10. let alone $180. crazy!!
           I will be researching and finding something that really works well and is affordable!!

Coconut Oil,

                    Coconut Oil, Virgin Cold Pressed, Certified Organic

     I'm so excited to have received my 5 gallon bucket of coconut oil!!
  I wonder how long a bucket will last me, with us using it more and more
even my 20 yr old fries his eggs in it!! Here is the link to the one we are trying I got a good deal on the Black Friday Sales!

I have also been using coconut sugar, so I ordered a bag from here to try this time!

I have tried about 3 different kinds of the Virgin Coconut Oil  and only 1 kind of the Expeller Pressed!

I think I prefer the oil from but trying to save money I went with the
oil from this time!! The difference wasn't enough to allow me to pay that much difference! between the actual price and the shipping is way cheaper too, and it still came Speedy Delivery!

               We have been using it alot in desserts from the Trim Healthy Mama book!!