Tuesday, February 5, 2008

book review

I've just read a book
Ordinary Days by Dorcas Smucker
Family Life In A Farmhouse
She tells a lot of stories about her family some will make you laugh, and others will make you want to cry.
I especially liked the story she told about her son learning to drive,
We've been going through some of the same things with our son, who is hoping to have his license in a couple of weeks. I'm not sure why they think they are invincible.
Oh well I am looking forward to not having to run all over bringing him here or there.
I also like the way she plans her garage saleing she has a map planned out and everything.
I on the other hand meander where ever I see a sign this way and that, I think I need a new plan.
They are a collection of stories about her life, I really enjoyed it and hope to read her other book
Upstairs the Peasants Are Revolting: More Family Life in a Farmhouse.

What exactly is an ordinary day anyways?

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Destination...Gloryland! said...

I'm just reading her second book right now and am really enjoying it. I like the fact that they are short, stand-alone stories because it can be a couple weeks inbetween times of reading.

It was neat to hear her at the Women's Retreat last year. It gives the book that personal touch.