Wednesday, January 15, 2014



                                              ~~ DAY 5~~ LOVE IS NOT RUDE~~~

                   He who blesses his friend with a loud voice in the morning, it will be reckoned a curse to him.
                                                                 Proverbs 27:14

   Nothing irritates others as quickly as being rude.  Rudeness is saying or doing things that are unpleasant  for another person to be around!  To be rude is to act unbecoming, embarrassing, or irritating!
  In marriage this could be a foul mouth, poor table manners, or a habit of making sarcastic remarks!!

Test yourself with these questions!!

       How does your spouse feel about the way you speak or act around them?
       How does your behavior affect your mates sense of worth and self-esteem?
       Would your husband or wife say you are a blessing, or that you're condescending and embarrassing?

Do you wish your spouse would quit doing the things that bother you?  Then its time to stop doing the things that bother them. Will you dare to be delightful?

                              Today's dare seems a little bit harder than some of them!!

                                                           TODAY"S DARE

                       Ask your spouse to name three things that cause him or her to be uncomfortable or irritated
with you.   You must do so without attacking them or justifying your behavior. This is from their perspective only.

What things did your spouse point out to you?
How did you handle hearing it?
What do you plan to do to improve these areas?

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