Thursday, March 20, 2014

Proverbs 19

Proverbs 19:1 "Better [is] the poor that walketh in his integrity, than [he that is] perverse in his lips, and is a fool."
Proverbs 19:2 "Also, [that] the soul [be] without knowledge, [it is] not good; and he that hasteth with [his] feet sinneth."
Proverbs 19:3 "The foolishness of man perverteth his way: and his heart fretteth against the LORD."
Proverbs 19:4 "Wealth maketh many friends; but the poor is separated from his neighbour."
Proverbs 19:5 "A false witness shall not be unpunished, and [he that] speaketh lies shall not escape."
Integrity is better than wealth.   a foolish man who doesn't understand what he is doing and begins anyway.  It is man and his own foolish lust that causes sin in his life.  This literally means that wealth adds new friends while poverty alienates existing friends who grow weary of the demands of the poor.  Even if a liar gets away with it here on earth, God knows if you have lied and He will punish the guilty.
Proverbs 19:16 "He that keepeth the commandment keepeth his own soul; [but] he that despiseth his ways shall die."
Proverbs 19:17 "He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the LORD; and that which he hath given will he pay him again."
Proverbs 19:18 "Chasten thy son while there is hope, and let not thy soul spare for his crying."
Proverbs 19:20 "Hear counsel, and receive instruction, that thou mayest be wise in thy latter end."
Proverbs 19:21 "[There are] many devices in a man's heart; nevertheless the counsel of the LORD, that shall stand."
 Throughout the Bible, God's blessings are on those who keep His commandments, and His curse is upon those of disobedience.   When you do good for anyone (especially the poor), you are doing that good deed to God. He will not forget and He will bless you for giving.   We have pity on our own children and grandchildren; but if we want them to become responsible adults, we must teach them when they are very young to respect authority and obey.   We are to teach them at a very early age, before they get too big to spank.  Christianity is a daily walk.  We should be getting closer each day to being more like Jesus.  Man cannot always trust his own heart, but you can always trust the counsel of the Lord.

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