Thursday, February 20, 2014

Love Dare Overview

Love is Patient! 
Love is Kind!
Love is not Selfish!
Love is Thoughtful!
Love is not Rude!
Love is not Irritable!
Love Believes the Best!
Love is not Jealous!
Love makes good Impressions!
Love is Unconditional!
Love Cherishes!
Love lets the other win!
Love fights fair!
Love takes Delight!
Love is Honorable!
Love Intercedes!
Love promotes intimacy!
Love seeks to understand!
Love is impossible!
Love is Jesus Christ!
Love is satisfied in God!
Love is Faithful!
Love always protects!
Love vs. Lust!
Love Forgives!
Love is responsible! 
Love encourages!
Love makes sacrifices!
Love's motivation!
Love brings unity!
Love and marriage!
Love meets sexual needs!
Love completes each other!
Love celebrates godliness!
Love is accountable!
Love is God's Word!
Love agrees in prayer!
Love fulfills dreams!
Love endures!
Love is a covenant!
We have come to the conclusion of the Love Dare Challenge!
Where did you have the hardest time throughout this challenge?
Lets keep loving and praying for our spouses, even if they haven't changed I believe it has made a change in us!!
I hope that your marriage has become better through the Love Dare Challenge!
May the Lord truly bless you as you continue to love your spouse!

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